Third Stage Ignition

Third Stage Ignition

The lowest, or first stage, ignites and lifts the vehicle at increasing velocity until exhaustion of its propellents. At that point the first stage drops off, lightening the vehicle, and the second stage ignites and accelerates the vehicle further.

And here we are the "NOW"...

The third stage.

The third stage motor ignites sending the vehicle out of Earths orbit. Skeleton Key Manufacturing is propelling further then we have ever gone before, at this time I'd like to introduce our Kansas based flight plan director, Sean Ingram.  With Sean's belief and dedication we are gonna send this thing to the moon and more!  Unlimited to only what we decide is possible. So here we are firing off all cylinders. All systems go!  All conditions have green lighted. We Welcome you all to the to the next phase of SKMFG's creation.  The belief that the Key has the power to motivate,  to make all our missions a reality. 

 -Darren Navarrette flight commander. 

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